Map the Invisible

A geographic information system (GIS) lets you visualize, question, analyze, and interpret data to understand relationships, patterns, and trends. GIS benefits organizations of all sizes and in almost every industry.

UAV lidar and photogrammetry imaging applications are increasing rapidly. This is not surprising as using GPS-enabled UAVs for aerial surveying is very cost effective in comparison to hiring an aircraft with photogrammetry equipment.

Overview Of Drones
  • Discovering abandoned factory
  • Exploring Caverns by Drone
  • Exploring Ice Caves
  • Operational using Drones
  • Earth Moving viewed by Drone
  • DJi Phantom 4 Adventure Series
Application of Drones
Anyone involved in mining knows that worker safety is of paramount importance. By allowing surveyors to collect accurate spatial data from above
Drone technology allows GIS professionals to work more efficiently. With an easy-to-deploy mapping drone you can capture accurate aerial imagery and transform it into 2D orthomosaics
If precision technology has driven the farming revolution of recent years, monitoring crops from the sky will drive the next.
Drone (or UAV/UAS) technology suits a myriad of conservation and environmental protection applications — offering quick, easy and cost-effective aerial imagery, on demand.
Whatever your organisation’s field of activity – aid, development, emergency response or disaster preparedness.
There are several reasons why land surveyors are increasingly adding drones to their portfolio of instruments.