Aerial surveying and Inspections with Drones

Drones are now replacing cherry pickers and scaffolding for inspecting industrial properties. They can also provide ground surveys for an increasing number of applications. This is due to the lower costs of using drones for surveying and the reduced risk of not requiring staff to work at heights.

Using a drone can vastly reduce the time spent collecting accurate data. By acquiring raster data from the sky – in the form of geo-referenced digital aerial images, with resolutions as sharp as 1.5 cm (0.6 in) per pixel – one you can gather millions of data points in one short flight.
Remote Explore unmanned drones have the ability to fly close to buildings, and into difficult locations where other means of access may not be safe, appropriate or cost effective. We can provide detailed high definition pictures of buildings and structures where access towers, cherry pickers, and scaffold may not be viable.
We can offer a quick solution to investigating an area that needs to be inspected. We can liaise with the client on the ground ensuring that all areas of concern are inspected. The client or surveyor is able to see what the camera is seeing via a real-time HD downlink, with more detailed results available once the Drone has landed and we had time to inspect the data on board.  Remote Explore, unmanned aerial photography drones allow surveyors to see signs of damage in most high-level areas.