Advanced Drone Technology for Mining

minning If you are an investor in natural resource business, or you are in M&A or perhaps just asked to do some work on an operation, there is nothing more difficult when they tell you actually the operation is in the middle of Africa or perhaps in a difficult location up some mountain in Chile. Whilst it is easy for one to go for a site visit if the project is in Europe or North America. It is not so easy when it is in a difficult jurisdiction. Also, Anyone involved in mining knows that worker safety is of paramount importance. By allowing surveyors to collect accurate spatial data from above,drone or UAV technology can vastly reduce risk by minimising the time these staffs spend on the site or even have to go since the remote administration of the drone by the local pilot can greatly reduce costs.

Drone-based data collection can also boost productivity; surveying projects that once took days or weeks using traditional surveying techniques are now possible in just a few hours. Plus, thanks to a drone¹s ability to collect data from above, there is no downtime required while surveyors move around a pit, as can be the case when using terrestrial surveying instruments. With far fewer man hours or travel costs, one can produce large, accurate data sets, and no need for externally-sourced imagery, the result is vastly reduced costs.

Solutions for Mining Industry

Short and medium-term planning

  • Pit & dump management
  • Communication of daily/weekly mining plans
  • Transport route surface optimisation
  • Storm/flood/earthquake damage assessment & control

Long-term planning

  • Transport road, dump and pit design
  • Surface stability monitoring
  • Joint mapping between fields
  • Control for mining in void areas
  • Mapping of steep inaccessible inclines

Drill & blast analysis

  • Up-to-date surfaces for optimised blast designs
  • Pre- & post-blast data acquisition and modelling
  • Identification of badly misfires & structural damage
Geophysics And Mineral Exploration

Geophysics and Exploration

  • Stock pile management
  • Grade control & exploration planning
  • Community relations/marketing
  • Geophysical & watershed/catchment area modelling
  • MultiSpectral imaging

Environmental Control Reporting

  • Erosion detection
  • Vegetation change tracking
  • Inundation tracking
  • Slurry pipeline stability & leakage detection
  • Surrounding community mapping


  • Drainage and water optimisation
  • Watershed, drainage basin & water flow mapping
  • Thermal detection of ground water inflows
  • Tailings dam management
  • Identifying flood risks
Mine Development Or Feasibility Studies

Mining development and marketing

  • Resource calculation
  • Feasibility studies
  • Leach pad, dam wall & platform construction quality control
  • Promotional Aerial Photography & Videos
  • Photorealistic aids for developers & planners

Site Inspection

  • Industrial roof inspections
  • Progress monitoring & reporting
  • Corridor & boundary surveillance
  • Thermal imaging looking for anomalies


  • Tenure and precise location mapping or Cadastre
  • Property border rights definition
  • Change detection
  • Review of security
  • Incident evidence capture and recording
  • Corridor & boundary surveillance